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Our Parish Record Systems began developing software in 1997 with a focus on applications to meet the many needs of parish office staff. Today we continue to develop software for parishes and our products extend to parish school tuition, facilities scheduling, pledge management, endowment fund, and services provided to the poor.

We strive to educate our customers on how to make the most of their data. Helping parishes help themselves means keeping the bulk of the information on members in one system and readily available in OPRS. No more hunting for the folder to see who is active in a given ministry or has volunteered to help with a project. 

We recognize the need for a multi user platform and design our software with secure features such as multiple permission levels allowing some staff to view data for reference while keeping input and reporting in the hands of those entrusted with those duties. 

We understand the demands of today’s technology can be daunting and we try to support our customers and help them get the best results from their technology and our applications. We offer insight to our customers on hardware, supporting software, networking, servers and much more.


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