In Business For Over 24 Years

Who Are We?
Established in 1997, OUR PARISH RECORD SYSTEMS (OPRS) is a dynamic solution focused company with a strong focus in developing software solutions. We provide high tech solutions to a diverse customer base of Churches and Schools.

Our company draws its expertise from a team of experienced individuals with scientific and engineering backgrounds. Our primary focus includes, but is not limited to providing software based solutions, web site solutions, small & large database design and providing technical training & support.

Our Motto:
Helping Churches help themselves. We believe that anyone with the proper tools & support can become more productive using technology.

Our Philosophy:
Our philosophy is built on the fact that we can learn as much from our customers as they can learn from us. If we work together as a team we can improve the tools and our understanding of how to use them.

We have a simple business methodology:
Locate a problem and offer a solution

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